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A sea snail that is a true delicacy on your plate!

Considered a delicacy by many, whelks have a distinctive and delicious flavor. They can be used in any seafood recipes. In addition, since they are precooked at the plant, whelks can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Whelks, which are very abundant in the St. Lawrence River and Estuary, are mollusks with a spiral shell and creamy white flesh streaked with black. Also known as Buccinum undatum, Whelks are caught from April to the end of September in deep waters using a series of basket traps.

Whelks are ready-to-eat as they are sold in brine, which gives whelks a long shelf life as well as a tender and flavourful taste. Our whelks are also offered in vinegar or frozen.

We offer whelks in a variety of formats and packaging formats.

bourgot web
Marinated (refrigerated product)
130 g jar
12 jars per box
In brine (non-refrigerated product)
5-ounce can
24 cans per box
Frozen and in buckets
6  x 3 lbs buckets per box
Per unit
IQF-frozen in 1-kg boxes
10 boxes per case