The gateway to the freshness of the North



Pêcherie Manicouagan owns several processing plants that prepare, transform, and packages fresh and frozen seafood. Fishing sites are never far from our processing plants, which greatly reduces the time between when the seafood is captured and processed. This goes a long way to maintaining the freshness of all of our products.

We also manage the entire supply chain, from the moment seafood is hauled onto the boats to the processing to final delivery, thereby ensuring unsurpassed levels of quality control.

Pêcherie Manicouagan also regularly updates and acquires the highest performance equipment available to maximize productivity and increase the quality of our products. All of our seafood and fish meet the highest international standards.

Les Crabiers du Nord

Founded in 1994, Les Crabiers du Nord company is the result of an association between fishermen of Pêcherie Manicouagan, a thriving company in seafood processing and a group of six crab fishing companies. Les Crabiers du Nord owns a processing plant which relies on the experience of 60 employees. The company has obtained the prestigious certification, BRC-Global Standard Food Safety, which recognizes the quality of the products transformed in our plant.

Les Crabiers du Nord offers an entire range of seafood products, with a quality and freshness guarantee that is second to none. The company specializes in transforming Snow Crab, Whelk, Greenland halibut (turbot), Stimpson’s Surf Clam, and Atlantic halibut. Their products are available across Québec and exports to the United States and Asia. The company is currently vying other international markets.


The Umek group operations a Snow Crab processing plant. It was founded thanks to a partnership between three band councils (Essipit, Pessamit, Uashat-Maliotenam) and Les Crabiers du Nord.

The company is becoming an Aboriginal leader in the transformation of seafood products. It has already carved an enviable niche in the market thanks to the quality of its products.